Sunday, October 02, 2005

Black Opposition to Forced Citizenship is Growing

Roger RootsJubilee Correspondent

As reported in The Jubilee more than 2 years ago (Vol. 7, No. 2,3), the IRS and Justice Department are facing a legal challenge from growing numbers of Blacks based on their forced U.S. citizenship status. Dr. Robert Brock, longtime President of the Washington, D.C.-based Self Determination Committee, filed a federal lawsuit in April of 1993 on behalf of slave-descended Africans in America who refuse to pay income taxes.

The challenge was based on well founded principles of law: How can African Nationals be citizens of the United States when they never agreed to be governed by the United States? Their forced enlistment as U.S. citizens under the 14th Amendment was just another type of slavery, according to Brock. Brock outlined four main issues on which the refusal of Blacks to pay taxes was based:

A. There was no MUTUALITY of agreement to partake in the citizenship of the 14th Amendment.

B. There was no opportunity for DISCLAIMER on the part of Blacks who wished to decline forced citizenship.

C. The legal DOMICILE OF black ex-slaves was and continues to be in Africa, according to all the rules of legal construction. (The domicile of origin is the domicile of every person until it is abandoned freely. The domicile gained by free birth in Africa cannot be changed by a slave birth in the United States.)

D. JURISDICTION based on Slavery.
Brock's legal analysis is as logical as his conclusion is inescapable. The forced citizenship of Blacks was the product of completely unilateral acts by others against them. No vote was ever taken, no petitions were ever signed, and no polls were ever conducted to indicate that African Nationals in America wanted to live under the White-created Constitution.

The case was originally dismissed by the federal district court in Los Angeles. Brock has appealed and petitioned for rehearings over a 4-year period. The U.S. Attorney's Office finally responded in April, 1994 but did not dare broach the specific allegations of Brock's action.
"It is clear that [Brock's] constitutional challenges to the income tax on his wages are nothing more than the usual garden-variety tax-protestor-type arguments that have time and again been rejected by all courts to have considered them," wrote the assistant U.S. Attorney.

The case has now wound its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has denied certiorari. Brock is currently petitioning for a rehearing, but views the case as having reached the end of the line in U.S. courts. Brock has been busy trying to gather 2-1/2 million signatures of Blacks who vow to stop paying income tax. "in view of the fact that the United States after 4 years has not come forward with an answer to the 4 questions," Brock told The Jubilee, "2-1/2 million Blacks are not going to pay any more taxes to the U.S. and will take direct action to obtain reparations and self-determination."

While it is unknown how many Blacks will actually follow up on their vows to refuse to volunteer income tax payments, it is certain that the petitions serve another purpose. They are disclaimers of mutuality and stand as evidence that the signor does not consent to citizenship. And because all legal remedies have been exhausted, Brock said, "We [Blacks] will be forced to take direct action or seek redress under international law."

Dr. Robert L. Brock, President

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The Self Determination Committee was born for one reason, to Educate The African of Slave Descent on how to become self determined.

This is the Center for a meaningful demand for Black Reparations in The United States of America.

The Demand for Black Reparations is based on four things:1. An understanding of your Citizenship status as Africans of Slave Descent2. An understanding of the U.S. Laws and Statutes which were written for the Africans of Slave Descent3.

An understanding of the history of slavery in the U.S. and other European Nations4. An understanding of the Work which the Self Determination Committee has completed.

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