Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Breaking Free: A Plan For Black Empowerment

If Katrina did not awaken Black America to the weaknesses of Government and the continual dependency on American politics, then the next disaster could be deadly enough to wipe us off the map of the continental United States. If the perks of the Civil Rights Movement was to empower us on the political front, and all we got are mayors scattered throughout the US without a pot or window, meaning powerless, then maybe we should have followed the Black Panther's plan of action, which was self-empowerment and defense.

This should be the focus of Black leaders from this point on. The crisis of Katrina and what pissed Black America off the most - whether they could express themselves correctly or not - was the fact that our people were helpless when left to fend for themselves. There was no Black Power structure to come to our aid, this is a major wake-up call.

There should have been a Black security/rescue squad to descend upon New Orleans like flies coming from all over the United States. From cities like LA, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta. There should have been brothers and sisters there the next day with artillery, rescue equipment, and food and water from reserves mounted over the years. Instead what did we have to fall back on...the freakin US political system. To hell with Civil Rights, Black Empowerment and Power is needed NOW!

Where were the Crips and the Bloods. Where were the gangster OG's of the Rap world and their hardcore styles? Where were the hundreds of thousands of Nation of Islam brothers seen in every major urban city when we really needed them. If the US Army or National Guard is not willing to help then we should help our damn selves and they should have no reason to complain or be afraid, especially if we are in the "help ourselves" mode.

Now, there needs to be a solid structure set into place in case something like this was to ever happen again. Now, there must be at least 7-12 Black men and women sitting at a table to take control of Black America. Where are the best and the brightest of Black America to prepare for our collective future, now is the time to bring forth these Black leadership roles:

1. Security and Rescue Operations - to be there the next time something like this happens
2. Political and International Affairs - to strike alliances with other African countries
3. Minister of Health and Well-being - to enlighten our Black women and children on health
4. Educational Expert - to regulate the learning process of our children
5. Business and Economics - to gather the rich and prosperous of our people and invest in our
6. Community Squads - to protect our young brothers and sisters from dope and trigger happy
white-boy cops
7. Family Affairs - to break free all brothers and sisters subject to the US courts and train them
in family
8. Media and Entertainment - to control our national image and regulate our sports contracts
9. Spiritual Leader - to put faith, identity and hope back into our Black minds instead of taking
our money
10. Legal Advisors - one who can keep us out of the white man's prisons and from his debt

There should be leaders taken from the above who can put together a team of Black talent and brains that will see these things through. No more should we depend on this system to direct our paths, for we see what 40 plus years of Civil Rights Legislation has gotten us...humiliation and broken hearts, dreams, and dependency.

Is this a Democrat / Republican thing? Hell no...this is a Black thing. Why should we continue to enslave ourselves and our future and our children's future to political madness and believe in a half-baked Democracy that really (and I mean really) does NOT have their Black constituency at heart, or any constituency for that matter. How can government help us?

We need our own political party. We need to break free from dependency and begin a life for ourselves and tie it to our mother land. There are many African nations willing to help us in America, why do we continue to put our faith and money into the hands of whites? Someone explain the hell out of that to us at Afromerica.

It is time to Empower ourselves!

© September 2005 by CR Hamilton

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